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Anti-ligature Toilet/Shower Area Fittings

Planning the construction or refurbishment of a toilet/shower areas within a hospital or care home environment that deals with vulnerable mental health patients can be tricky.

It is imperative that your design and build process is carefully worked out to minimise risks of self-harm or even death. This will involve ensuring that all toilet/shower areas fixtures and fittings installed are designed to prevent their use as a ligature point.

A ligature point can be a Toilet/Shower area fitting that will allow for a rope, cord, bath towel, clothing or bed sheet to be tied to or looped through. Having toilet/shower areas fixtures in place that can allow these actions may result in instances of self-harm, suicide attempts and even loss of life.

Your toilet/shower areas fittings should never be taken for granted.

It is unfortunate that many commonplace items found in a standard toilet/shower area can pose a real risk of ligature use. In these circumstances, it should be a priority to use alternate anti-ligature toilet/shower areas products that will be able to be replaced as a like-for-like product to provide the same function.

You will obviously want to provide a safe environment for your staff, patients and detainees so by switching to anti-ligature Toilet/Shower areas fixtures and fittings you will be safeguarding your Toilet/Shower areas against ligature risks.

How Bright Washrooms can help:

Here at Bright Washrooms, we can provide a range of anti-ligature toilet/shower areas fittings that have been specifically designed to minimise the risk for them to be used as a ligature point.

Our range of toilet/shower areas fixtures are robust and perform well while at the same time prevent any individuals from misusing the product as a ligature fixture point. This will eliminate the risk of your toilet/shower areas fittings being used as a tool to inflict harm on a patient or to be used against members of staff.

Take a look at our range of anti-ligature toilet/shower areas fixtures to find the ideal products for your needs, including:

  • 190mm Anti-Ligature Infilled Back Rest Rail
  • 450mm Anti-Ligature Infilled Grab Rail
  • Anti-Ligature 35x240mm SS Backrest Rail 49200AL
  • Anti-Ligature 35x300mm SS Grab Rail 30700AL
  • Anti-Ligature 35x450mm SS Grab Rail 30800AL
  • Anti-Ligature 35x600mm SS Grab Rail 31000AL
  • and more….

Why use our anti-ligature fixtures?

Any medical or security institute will want to make their toilet/shower areas environments as safe as possible for all users. However, this doesn’t mean having to strip out toilet/shower areas to bare walls and floors to rid the area of all fixtures and fittings that could pose ligature risks.

Doing this will reduce your toilet/shower areas facilities to cold, unwelcoming and uncomfortable places without any dignity or respect towards the toilet/shower areas user.

It is important to ensure that all toilet/shower areas users will be able to use your facilities with comfort and have the convenience of useful fixtures to aid and assist them.

Fixed anti-ligature items you can safely install in your toilet/shower areas include weight-bearing fixtures such as handrails and rest rails. These toilet/shower areas fixtures can be essential for assisting people in and out of a bath or shower or to help raise them on and off the toilet.

These toilet/shower areas items are designed in a way that still provides a high level of assistance and dignity to Toilet/Shower areas users without any added risk of them being used as a ligature point.

Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs. We are here to help and to find the best solutions for your Toilet/Shower areas.



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