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Markwik 21+ | Panel Mounted Thermostatic Basin Mixer, Single Sequential Lever, Demountable with Fixed Spout | A6735AA

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TB H2a panel mounted thermostatic basin mixer with lever operation to be used with clinical handwash basin LB HL/M or scrub-up troughs SUH 1;SUH 2;SUH 3.  Sequential control ensures both cold and hot is drawn through on each use.   Insulated technology keeps the ‘hot’ side of the mixer at a safe surface temperature.  Includes a built-in thermal cleansing feature.  Detachable spout variant allows easy sterilisation of the spout via autoclave, or washer disinfector to reduce risk from cross contamination.  Body demounts from front of panel for disinfection by washer disinfector.  Fitted with patented Bioguard outlet lined with anti-microbial copper which has been proven to protect against cross contamination in use.


  • Front access D-08 auditing & servicing
  • Conforms to HTM 04-01 and HBN 00-10
  • Demountable
  • BioGuard outlet
  • Thermal cleanse feature
  • Available with fixed or detachable spout


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